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About New Mexico Finance Authority New Mexico Department of Transportation (NMDOT)

Multimodal transportation choices invigorate the economy and connect people in small towns and cities and facilitate transportation of goods and people to other states and nations.

NMDOT focuses on the following modes of travel: transit, rail, aviation and highways. We've strengthened our commitment to traffic safety, environmental excellence, and complete planning, design and engineering services..

Vision Statement:

Set the standard for a safe, reliable and efficient transportation system.

Mission Statement:

Provide a safe and efficient transportation system for the traveling public, while promoting economic development and preserving the environment of New Mexico.

Core Values



-Customer Service


-Team Work


Key Projects

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The Team

Marquita Russel

Chief Executive Officer

(505) 984-1454

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Chip Pierce

Chief Financial Strategist

(505) 629-8248

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Mark Lovato

Investment Manager

(505) 992-9629

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Daniel Opperman

General Counsel

(505) 992-9669

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Oscar Rodriguez

Chief Financial Officer

(505) 984-1454

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Peter Shellenberger

NMDOT Financial Advisor

(415) 982-5544 ext: 7233


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